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What if you could slip a daily dose of health and energy into your pocket?

AGEL Introduces Go-Anywhere, Power-Up Anytime, Suspension Gels for Active People.

Putting health and nutrient supplements to work RIGHT NOW happens naturally with Agel products.  These envelopes of gel can be consumed in seconds without measuring, mixing or pouring and without consuming a flagon full of liquid.  Our suspension gels are not only designed for convenience, they are formulated for maximum metabolic efficiency.  Agel nutrients get into your system quickly.

EXO is our super-antioxidant nutrient blended with seventeen whole fruit purees and extracts. This is our original product – the first time in years that a truly revolutionary antioxidant health food has appeared on the market.  What makes it a step forward is the suspension gel technology that provides portability and quick results.  What makes it a superior health supplement is the careful blending of power-packed quality ingredients.

FLX has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce stiffness and pain in both joints and cartilage.  This gel is a blend of four important metabolic necessities that result in refreshed joints and renewed freedom of movement.  FLX is not just a treatment – it’s designed to put the active back in your life if your arms or legs are suffering from a little wear and tear.  Take it now, and feel the flex return in minutes.

GRN is our latest gel to leave the lab and succeed in testing, a formula for both nourishing and detoxifying your body.  We need to feed our cleansing systems just as we provide nutrition to our absorption systems.  GRN contains vital phytonutrients that work in concert with your digestive system by moving the toxins through.

Health Concentrates Created with Groundbreaking Technology

We’re proud of Agel’s success.  The gels have proven to work as well for our customers as they did for our scientists, our test teams and for us.  The nutrients and supplements speak for themselves; at Agel you’ll see a comprehensive range of Agel products that put this technological breakthrough to work.